East Church Companions

East Church Companions

Because dementia diseases, especially Alzheimer’s, can affect people for eight to twenty years; being a caregiver is a long-term commitment. Caregivers need people who can walk with them throughout the course of the disease, offering physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Sadly, though, caregivers are often forgotten. When this happens, the caregiver doesn’t get the compassionate care she so desperately needs. At East Church, we are here to help our members that are in this difficult transition in life and are here to assist in ways to lighten the burdens. We can assist in taking care of tangible needs—repairs, yard work, shopping or rides to the doctor. Our primary role is to provide support for your emotional and spiritual needs, paying attention to both the person with dementia and the caregiver. We can provide short worship services or holy communion as well as being a listening ear for the difficulties faced when living with dementia. Our East Church Companions meet monthly.

Primary Communities Served

Grand Rapids

East Grand Rapids

Ottawa Hills

East Town