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    8.7.22 How Faith Acts in Our Lives

    7.31.22 Who is worthy

    7.24.22 the lonely as outsiders

    7.10.22 The Outsider as Neighbor

    7.3.22 Welcoming the wandering soul

    6.26.22 the cost of a devoted life

    6.19.22 outsiders the Battle Within

    6.12.22 Trinity Sunday interconnected gratitude

    6.12.22 Trinity Sunday interconnected gratitude

    6.5.22 The Holy Spirit Gathers and Scatters

    5.22.22 Come help us

    5.15.22 speaker Mai Allyn sacred ground

    5.8.22 Life Giving Ministry

    5.1.2022 I am Going fishing sermon

    4.24.22 Lets Get Growing

    4.17.22 Easter Good Enough Faith

    4.10.22 We are a group project sermon

    4.3.22 The scent of genuine faith for a fragile world

    3.27.22 we think we are the problem

    3.20.22 lots of things can be medicine

    3.13.22 So much out is out of our control

    3.6.22 Ordinary lives can be holy

    3.2.22 Ash Wed. Not perfect - transformed

    1.30.22 Strength in our Refuge

    1.23.22 honoring one another in the body

    1.16.22 The Gifts of God for the People of God

    1.9.22 Another way home

    1.2.22 Joyful returns

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