Wedding Staff

East Church supplies an experienced, professional officiant to perform your wedding. The officiant will meet with the couple 2 times prior to the wedding to help craft a wonderful and meaningful ceremony. All outside officiants and liturgies for the service must be approved at the discretion of the minister of East Church 60 days prior to the ceremony. 

The East Church organist/pianist is available to play for your wedding and must approve all music selections as well as any outside musicians participating in the service.

East Church reserves the right to decline any wedding reservation requested within 30 days of the wedding date.

Once your wedding is scheduled and an officiant availability is confirmed, a wedding hostess will be assigned.

Your Wedding Hostess

Your hostess will meet with you once prior to your wedding. Please plan to contact her 90 days before your date. She will assist you in arranging the details of your wedding, is available to answer questions along the way, and will be present at the rehearsal and the wedding.

Primary Communities Served

Grand Rapids

East Grand Rapids

Ottawa Hills

East Town